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Flight Case pour Wings


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Flight case ChamSys pour Extra Wing ou PC Wing

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ChamSys flight cases are carefuly designed to ensure maximum protection for ChamSys products, increasing the life and maintaining the value.  ChamSys flight cases are preimum cases that:

  • Use high quality foam, cut using high precision C&C to ensure that the ChamSys products fit snuggly and moving parts such as buttons, faders, encoders and displays have maximum protection.
  • Use high quality tough laminate giving superior resistance to knocks and bumps.
  • Are designed with extra room underneath the products for storing accessories and cables - helping to prevent damage to the main product control surface.
  • Use 6 rivet corners, 4 rivet braces for maximum strength.
  • Use quality butterfly catches and case handles.
  • Have custom cut outs in the foam for the working lights.
  • Use ChamSys branding - colour and logo.

ChamSys flight cases are manufactured in the UK by BCS Manufacturing using C&C precision machining.

Please note that flight case manufacturers may advertise lower cost flight cases for ChamSys products - particularly DJ cases made from cheap PVC, with low cost components, and using generic case sizes.  Please be aware of the differences - our experience from repairing ChamSys products that have been in these types of cases suggest that they do not provide the same protection as ChamSys flight cases.


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Flight Case pour Wings

Flight Case pour Wings

Flight case ChamSys pour Extra Wing ou PC Wing